About ME

Fede ihaveadoubt bloggerHi doubters, I’m Federica and welcome to my world of causes to doubt! I travel a lot and I live and work in Milan, Italy. I’m 27 years old and I work as a social and anthropological researcher and trend watcher.

Beyond who I am and what I do, let me tell you what I love. I love photography and observing the world and the people around me. I practice yoga, and I’ve singed and danced since I was a child. I like everything that is about being able to put ourselves out of the system we live in, to understand its rules and habits. That’s why I’ve studied and I’m passionate about sociology and psychology.  This attitude helped me understanding that everything we believe in, has been arbitrary chosen by somebody, and that the somebody else’s choice becomes a habit and a belief for a part of the society as well.

By realizing this, I understood that everything that is within our minds, any idea and thought we have, can potentially become reality for the world. I recognized that if we left our believes behind, we could see the world with the eyes of a child and start wondering again. From every doubt we have, a personal answer can arise and the world might become a place more similar to us and to what we would like it to be. I think that a doubt makes people change themselves and the world they live in.

Life has two sides: one side is the external world, what we do, what we think, what people around us do and think. But then I realized there was something more: the world within us, the inspiration. Hence I started, mostly thanks to the power of my camera, to share with you my doubts, accepting that a part of the world was not as I wanted it to be. I stopped to accuse and condemn; I started to build life as I wanted it to be.

On my way to the editing of this blog, I was inspired by some people I met and read about. I hope that somehow in a similar way, one of the pictures I show you, of the stories I tell you, and of the questions I ask you, might be a little inspiration for whatever you wish your life to be and become.

I really thank you for stopping by my blog and if you enjoy the community of doubters, you will make the world a place more similar to what you would love it to be.


…and I hope you too

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