Dolce Far Niente

Photo by ©fede_ihaveadoubt

Photo by ©fede_ihaveadoubt – Paris 2013

Dolce Far Niente is an Italian phrase for pleasantly doing nothing. Well I’ve always interpreted this attitude with a negative meaning and compared it to laziness. But actually there’s a wisest and sweetest essence in this Italian way of saying. We are always so much into our daily life and tasks, errands and chores that I ask myself: what would happen if we stopped? Imagine just you in a room with nothing else to distract you from the fact of simply being there, simply being you. In a contemporary life where we’ve speed up our life so much that our soul is always trying to reach and keep up with our body, Dolce far niente would be a challenge, a social experiment for many people. What happens when you stop doing and you start being?


…and I hope you too.

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