What will outlive us?

Giuseppe has a doubt: WHAT WILL OUTLIVE US?

Photo by: Giuseppe Alito

Photo by: Giuseppe Alito

Giuseppe is a friend of mine, who shares with me the same passion for photography and travels. He has already shared a doubt ‘Memories have no doubts‘ and now let me present you his second doubt… 


At the same time that man became conscious of being the dominant species, he began to develop a tendency towards immortality. Apart from the conviction  (or self-conviction) that we live in, that we create, reality is quite different and much less romantic  for our future and for that of our loved ones. We live to make “things” that will outlive us, which somehow authenticate our passage through life as long as possible and as far away from the nucleus of our family and our  knowledge. This perspective puts everything that was grand, and especially the creators of such, under a less golden light  from the viewpoint of the mission and, more selfishly, of  the practice.

However, now?
In a civilization that is hegemonized by egoism, we should be “giants” compared to the greats of the past.
It must be that the impatience of  seeing great things in a perceptible time does not allow me to appreciate the sediment. However, I have the distinct feeling that if  two thousand years from now archaeologists should study the traces of our passage, they  will find a hole in history.
In  the semantic crowding that characterizes our era, we are no longer able to discern the quality of quality, which still remains the only guarantee for immortality.
I do everything as if it’s the last thing I do.

Are you willing to do the same to become immortal?


…and I hope you too

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