Are you the one who talks or the one who listens?

Photo by fede_ihaveadoubt

Photo by fede_ihaveadoubt

Some people roller skate whereas others walk, some people take pictures whereas others pose for a picture, some people talk whereas others listen…the world is full of roles…sometimes we switch from a role to the other depending on the contest, but we are also able to identify ourselves with a role and as a result it becomes difficult for us to change… We have the chance to experience all possible roles: the winner and the loser, the lover and the loved, the happy and the sad, the son and the parent…

What’s the role you identify yourself the most?

On one side I am the believer, I always wish for the best and act to achieve that wish. But I am also the sensible, I’m truly affected by everything people say about me directly or indirectly, a look or a gesture is enough to change my mood! Ups!

What’s the role you interpret the most?

I have the doubt that even if some roles enhance the quality of our life, paradoxically there are other roles that we interpret which are the first obstacle to our serenity… A sort of insane way of living that we should recognize, analyze with objectivity to be finally able to set us free from ourselves to be what we truly are.


…and I hope you too.

3 thoughts

  1. I’m the one who talks endlessly, I’m affected by what people say or do even the smallest gesture as you but I think we have to overcome that, I also wanna be a listener it’s a wise role;)

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