What’s your childhood dream?

Photo by fede_ihaveadoubt

Photo by fede_ihaveadoubt

When we were kids we had dreams. We saw the life with the eyes of wonder and curiosity. We had so many doubts and questions. Our everyday life was characterized most of all by the repetition of one word: ‘why?’.

Growing up we lost a bit this tendency of addressing everything we face with the same wonder. We take for granted everything we presume to know, we get use to the status quo, to our life and experiences.

But sometimes there’s a flashback in those memories with that feeling of being the explorer of an unknown world. The world is still unknown for us, there are so many thinks out there that wait for us to be discovered.

So let’s stand up on that gate, with the Indiana Jones hat and get ready to jump into life!

What were your doubts when you were a kid?

I remember that once I was six years old, at the vacation house on the mountains, sited on the balcony, looking at the sunset, and I thought: “Being born in such a big and amazing world, why shouldn’t we visit all of it?” Well, I discovered that travelling is not so easy as I thought, starting from the lack of time and the money requirements, but step by step, year by year, I hope I will realize this dream.

What’s your childhood dream?


…and I hope you too.

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